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Blåsvart Aften Vol.9.

18. nov @ 20.00 - 02.00

SVARTSINN (Norway. Cyclic Law)
– Dark and obscure ambient. Sadness, the beauty in darkness and the ugliness of the world entwined in sound.
The new album «Mørkets Variabler will be released by Cyclic Law on the 31st of October, so this even will serve as a releaseparty for that.

TEHÔM (Croatia. Cyclic Law)
– Dark Ambient. TeHÔM translated means the Deep or Abyss and refers to the Great Deep of the primordial waters of creation, equated with the Sumerian goddess Tiamat. Literally it means «flood». Tiamat and TeHÔM are closely interwoven, thus pointing at Chaos; Chaos from which Creation comes forth.

NEW RISEN THRONE (Italy. Cyclic Law)
– Ultra Dark Ambient. Slow and haunting melancholic melodies over deep bass frequencies emerging from the slow rocking shores of the scorched and smothered earth. NRT is a rare entity in the live scene, not to be missed!

SYSSELMANN (Norway, Tipi Token)
– Meditative/Tribal Dark Ambient . Always true to meditative music, preferably on the darker side with a somewhat boundless approach, Sysselmann uses a mix of field recordings, d.i.y objects and acoustic instruments. The debut album release “ The Northern Chronicles” is a tribute to the collective consciousness of the northern parts of Norway. After seven winter storms in as many days, the idea for The Northern Chronicles was finally born.
A celebration of the magical coastal landscape and those who came before us.


Live improvised voice / analogue sequencer. Gazing at stars reflected on the canvass of otherwise featureless black water. The sound of movement, without beginning or end, spinning its surroundings into existence. Collides with and echoes off three to five mountains. Ripples the water and blend your field of vision into a blur growing into you as you seem not to be anything at all. A voice – mine, yours or ours.

**Merch table will be present, bring cash! :-D**
There will also be a freebie-box with items from the artists and as last year, a generous stack of cd’s from Reverse Alignment. First come first serve (1 per person pls…)

20 years age limit


18. nov @ 20.00
19. nov @ 02.00
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20 år


Prosper In Darkness


Good Omens
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