ImproLab with Hildegunn Øiseth and Anna Thu Schmidt
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fredag, november 5, 2021 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

ImproLab with Hildegunn Øiseth and Anna Thu Schmidt


Welcome to the ImproLab with Hildegunn Øiseth and Anna Thu Schmidt on Friday 5. November 2021 from 6-8pm. 

ImproLab is an improvisation laboratory for artists from all disciplines and the community of movement and sound enthusiasts in Trondheim. The Lab wants to offer creative approaches to certain topics that can be explored interdisciplinary through improvisation. 

In this ImproLab we invite you on a movement and sound journey inspired by the rich sounds of the trumpet and the special sounds of the Kudu horn. Through a playful approach to improvisation we create an open space where we can go into dialogue with the music and discover new ways of moving and listening. Here we explore the correlation of the two art forms more closely. The interplay between sound and movement improvisation serves as inspiration for new expressions. 

The ImproLab is held in English by dance artist Anna Thu Schmidt in collaboration with musician Hildegunn Øiseth. The ImproLAB includes a workshop part with set exercises and an open Jam as a playground for movement and sound exploration. 

It is a free event supported by DansiT, FFUK, Sparebank 1 SMN and Trondheim Kommune. ImproDans Trondheim wants to offer an open, free, and safe space for movement and sound exploration based on dance, music, and contact improvisation principles. Please reserve your spot. 

Get a free ticket via: Info via mail: or via facebook: ImproDans Trondheim 


Hildegunn Øiseth plays on the horn that never runs dry, distinct and with a personal gusto that makes both untested and classic refrains quiver like new creations. After many years of traveling with her horn as a companion in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, she returns home and allows the trumpet to sound playfully liberated. Surely a new wellspring in the cosmopolitan landscape of music. 

Anna Thu Schmidt is a dance artist with a focus on dance improvisation, interdisciplinary projects, site-specific work, and integrated dance. Since 2017 Anna is based in Trondheim after living in Indonesia, the Netherlands, and Germany. Her work is inspired by the cultures and natural environments she lives in and the connection and communications between humans. Themes as inclusion and accessibility are central in her artistic work. Her interest in the relation of dance to other arts led to international collaborations and research on the intertwinement of dance and installation art. Anna holds B.A. in Dance in Education (ArtEZ University of the Arts Arnhem/Netherlands) and M.A. in Dance Studies (NTNU Trondheim/ Norway).

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