PRAXIS with Astrid Elisabeth Hofstad at Trondheim Pole Studio

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PRAXIS with Astrid Elisabeth Hofstad at Trondheim Pole Studio
24 april 2024, 07:00
Trondheim Pole Studio
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Welcome to our PRAXIS classes in spring 2024 for performing artists and people with movement experience.

PRAXIS with Astrid Elisabeth Hofstad at Trondheim Pole Studio

Wednesdays 24.04 - 08.05 - 15.05.2024 kl 9-11 at Trondheim Pole Studio (Leangenvegen 7, 7044 Trondheim)

“My personal praxis is centered around always meeting the body and self where it is at in any given day, understanding the needs and working from there with what is, embodying patience and seeing possibilities rather than limitations.”
In the workshops we will explore some easygoing breath and bodyweight principles to restore neutrality in the body. We will do some basic pole training and introduction to pole, as well as choreography with the pole. There might be room for some creative work and maybe we will try on some pole dance heels as well.

Astrid Elisabeth Hofstad is a part time pole- and dance teacher, living and exploring life between chronic illness and wellness. She has education from Bårdar Akademiet and University of Bergen. Her main reasons for moving is to nourish the body and improve life quality, to ground and create room for energies to move better both in and out of the body, as well as exercising the most human quality of all; our innate creativity.

Additional info: for choreography and floor work tights are great, but for trying moves on the pole itself, sitting/climbing etc. please bring shorts. No body lotion, hand cream, hair oil or similar on the same day as pole training, it will ruin the grip.

Registration and info:">

Price: 50-250 NOK (sliding scale)
Drop-in price must be paid upon arrival before the class via vipps or cash. The sliding scale system allows you to pay according to your financial situation.The recommended price is 150kr. By paying more you make it possible for others to pay less.
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