PRAXIS with Bjørn Hagen - AcroYoga

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PRAXIS with Bjørn Hagen - AcroYoga
22 mai 2024, 07:00
29 mai 2024, 07:00
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PRAXIS with Bjørn Hagen
Wednesdays 22.05 - 29.05 - 05.06 kl 9-11 (utendørs hvis bra vær)


In these Praxis classes we will learn the basic movements of AcroYoga for all three roles of flyer, base and spotter and we will experience how quickly we can learn fun and impressive tricks in a safe way.

AcroYoga is a movement style that was developed about 2003 partly by Eugene Poku and Jessica Goldberg (AcroYoga Montreal), partly by Jason Nemer and Jenny Sauer-Klein (AcroYoga International) that merges acrobatics with yoga and also incorporates dance, circus moves, calisthenics and cheerleading. Most of the asanas, transitions, washing machines and tricks are performed in a group of three with the roles of base, flyer and spotter. The flyer fly on the base and the spotter provide safety measures and other support. A system has been made so that this way of playing is accessible for everyone and at the same time a large number of schools has been developed, focusing on various aspects.

Bio: Bjørn Hagen started his intensive yoga journey in 2019 with ashtanga, pilates, ballet and other yoga stiles and has taken a 200h yoga teacher training at Zenit in Trondheim, a 200h AcroYoga teacher training with Poku and Goldberg in Montral and a 100h AcroYoga teacher training with Acro Way in Sweden. He has been teaching AcroYoga at Zenit and Trondheim Pole Studio and at various workshops and festivals and has a goal of building a strong AcroYoga community in Trondheim as well as building his own skills in a range of movement styles.

Registration and info:">
Price: 50-250 NOK (sliding scale)
Drop-in price must be paid upon arrival before the class via vipps or cash. The sliding scale system allows you to pay according to your financial situation.The recommended price is 150kr. By paying more you make it possible for others to pay less.
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