PRAXIS workshop with Olive Bieringa

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PRAXIS workshop with Olive Bieringa
2 mars 2024, 10:00
Welcome to our PRAXIS weekend workshops for performing artists and people with movement experience.

PRAXIS workshop with Olive Bieringa
Saturday 2.3.2024 kl 11-15 at DansiT, Svartlamon, Strandvegen 33, Trondheim

Tuning Scores

How does composition arise in the body and its environment? Olive will share an introduction to Lisa Nelson’s Tuning Score. Tuning Score is an improvisational composition practice and performance research. Focusing on vision, touch, and hearing, the scores and practices provoke spontaneous compositions that make evident how each of us senses and makes sense of movement, initiating a playful and rigorous dialogue-in-action. Learn more here:" target="_blank">

Bio: Olive Bieringa is a dance, performance and visual artist working at the intersection of social and creative practice, pedagogy, and healing. Together with Otto Ramstad she creates work as BodyCartography Project making performances, films, installations and workshops. She is a certified Teacher of Body-Mind Centering® and Danceability. She directs the Body-Mind Centering Somatic Movement Education certification in Melbourne, Australia as Program and Educational Directors of Somatic Education Australia.

Registration and info:">

Price: 150-500 NOK (Sliding scale)
Drop-in price must be paid upon arrival before the workshop via vipps or cash. The sliding scale system allows you to pay according to your financial situation. The recommended price is 300kr. By paying more you make it possible for others to pay less.
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