Utstilling: "Afras Gyti," or "The Maple Trees Universe" av Maryam Bashi

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Utstilling: "Afras Gyti," or "The Maple Trees Universe" av Maryam Bashi
8 juni 2024, 10:00
Trondheim folkebibliotek (Hovedbiblioteket)

"Afras Gyti," or "The Maple Trees Universe" er tittelen på utstillingen til Maryam Bashi, som vises i 2. etg. på Hovedbiblioteket i perioden 8. juni - 22. juni.

Utstillinga viser arbeider fra hennes MFA (Master of Fine Art) ved NTNU. 2024

Opplesning fra boka hennes "Afras Gyti," or "The Maple Trees Universe" lørdag 8. juni, kl 12.00 .Opplesningen finner sted i tilknytning til utstillingsarealet. Bashi leser selv fra boka.

Introduction to the artwork:
"Afras Gyti," or "The Maple Trees Universe,"is about a conscious realm named Gyti who fights extinction. Initially doomed, Gyti adapts, using humans as vessels for trees. Through this graphic novel, we follow Afra, emerging from a swamp, nurturing
a maple tree, she explores Gyti`s mysteries and purpose.

Introduction to the MFA show:
This exhibition features a collaborative graphic novel co-written with my brother and illustrated by myself, showcased through live readings of selected sections surrounded by lotus sculptures inspired by the book`s imagery.

About the artist
Maryam Bashi is a painter and illustrator originally from Bushehr, Iran, now based in Trondheim, Norway. Her work reflects her abstract outlook on life, inspired by the “shapeless clouds” that are the thoughts that inhabit her mind, she thinks in pictures
she says. “Growing up, art served as my primary outlet, It was me, my room and my small Wacom tablet and a slow laptop, I managed to bring magic into my life and now I want to bring it to everybody else´s”


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