Vagus Nerve Masterclass with Yoga
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lørdag, oktober 16, 2021 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Vagus Nerve Masterclass with Yoga


Build resilience with yoga!


Weekend’s theme is RESILIENCE - the ability to bounce back and recover after stress, strain and difficulties. To become stronger both mentally and physically.

On Saturday we take a look into the vagus nerve and learn to understand how resilience is a character of your nervous system.

  • What role does the vagus nerve play in health and well-being?
  • Common myths related to the vagus nerve
  • What does research say about yoga’s effects on nervous system health?
  • What is the difference between vagus nerve stimulation and actually building resilience in the nervous system?
  • How can yoga help you heal your nervous system and what kind of elements are essential in the practice for this purpose?

The practice is a combination of a more dynamic yang-style hatha yoga and a yin yoga sequence focusing on building a stronger vagal tone (activation of the vagus nerve). You balance the functioning of the nervous system, increase its dynamics and strengthen the activation of the parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system branch.

Welcome to explore the convergences of research and yogic tradition!


Workshop includes:


  • Lecture (1 hour)
  • Yin-yang yoga practice that balances the functioning of your autonomic nervous system, increases its dynamics and strengthens your ability to let go and relax (2 hours)


The workshop does not require previous experience in yoga but is designed for all levels. Yoga teachers are welcome to deepen their understanding about the vagus nerve and to be able to share the knowledge to their own students.


About Sanni:


Sanni Parkkinen is an experienced yoga teacher (E-RYT 500) and breathing coach coming from Finland. She’s coaching people to live happier & healthier with emphasis on physiology first – meaning that nervous system health is the key to solve many of the issues we tend to call mental. She studies psychology at NTNU and is keen on exploring neuroscience, mind-body connection and the interfaces of research and yogic tradition.

  • WHERE: Yogaens Hus, Mellomila 91a
  • WHEN: Saturday 16.10. kl 10-13
  • COST:
  • Regular: 500 kr / two days 900 kr
  • Students / unemployed / low income: 400 kr / two days 720 kr
  • REGISTRATION: Register for the workshop here:


In case you have any questions, contact sanni(a) 

The registration is binding. You will secure your place in the workshop by making the payment.


The workshop will be taught in English.

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